Sierra Brew was born in the tea estates of Darjeeling. These estates produce premium teas, of which, most are exported around the world and some distributed in India.

Sierra Brew offers a wide variety of tea that includes White, Oolong, First Flush and Second Flush, all sourced from the highest elevated tea plantations nestled in Darjeeling. Handpicked, our range of tea includes rare exquisites like the Silver Needle and the Sencha Green. At Sierra Brew, we bring about an innovation in tea production, and our strength lies in our passion for serving you the best brew of Darjeeling tea.

The tea plantation is at an elevation between 5500 feet right up to 7000 feet, definitely one of the highest tea estates in the world having a sizeable area of 60 Hectares at an average elevation of 6000 feet with the highest peak stretching up to 7000 feet.

Teas like First Flush & Second Flush from our plantations are most sought after teas owing to their high elevation. Also, they contain natural elements of flavour and rich aroma.

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