Aloe Vera Gentle Cleansing Face Scrub

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A wonder face wash combined with a scrub. Now cleanse & exfoliate both at the same time. Get rid of dead cells and reveal soft, glowing skin beneath.

(160 ml.)

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Categories : Bath & Body

Product Description

ORYZA SATIVA EXT (RICE BRAN) - Rice Bran Oil has a small molecule which makes it easier to penetrate the skin. It is a natural source of antioxidants.

JUGLANS REGIA SHELL (WALNUT) - Keep skin moisturized and walnut benefits for dark circles.

TRITICUM VULGARE OIL (WHEATGERM) - Act as a skin conditioning agent. The Vitamin E contained in this oil benefits the skin. Repairing damage from sunburn, burns, can reduce wrinkles and stretch marks and can minimize scarring. 

ALOE BARBADENSIS - Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice can soothes skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory.

GRAPE SEED OIL - Rich in antioxidants, protection against sunburns.

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