Rose Honey Face Wash

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Dry skin needs extra care. Nourish your skin with this face wash which does not strip your skin of essential oils and leaves it feeling loved and nourished.

(160 ml.)

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Categories : Bath & Body

Product Description

ROSE CENTAFOLIA OIL (ROSE) - Rose essential oil is an antiseptic and an antidepressant too.

CROCUS SATIVUS FLOWER (SAFFRON) EXTRACT - It has excellent purifying properties as well as is anti-bacterial in nature. It also lightens the skin tone, to remove tan

HONEY - Honey is full of antioxidants for slower aging, fewer wrinkles, and less damage from free-radicals.

ALOE BARBADENSIS - Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice can soothes skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory.
GRAPE SEED OIL - Rich in antioxidants, protection against sunburns.

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