Festival Bonanza Pack

Rs 25883.00

Lifecorder Secure plus package consists of:
1. High Definition Waterproof Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera x2
2. High Definition Indoor Dome CCTV Camera x2
3. Digital Video Recorder
4. Accessories (5Amp Power Adapter + HDMI cable + BNC Connectors)

2. Soul Sanctuary Body Bars - Pack of 8 soaps
Activated Charcoal Soap - 100g.
Ginger Lime Black Pepper Soap - 100g.
Cinnamon Patchauli Soap - 100g.
Jasmine Peach Soap - 100g.
Lavender Ylang Ylang Soap - 100g.
Honey Oatmeal Milk Soap - 100g.
Vanilla Coffee Soap - 100g.
Wine & Beer Soap - 100g.

3. Premium Royal Darjeeling Teas 
Darjeeling Green (250g.) 
Premium Second Flush (100g.)
Darjeeling Black (250g.) 
Premium Sencha Green (100g.)

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Categories : Electronics & Security

Product Description

The Lifecorder Secure Plus
is a complete 360 degree home security package.
This package comes with two High Definition Bullet and Dome cameras each. When positioned strategically, these four cameras secure your premises completely. With industry leading High Definition quality and robust on demand or 24/7 recording, the Lifecorder Secure plus package is the ideal solution for complete security of your homes, bungalows, apartments and even offices and small businesses. The Digital Video Recorder allows you to record a video clip when someone enters your home or allows you to record 24/7 to keep a check on your home and secure it from any potential threat while you are in or away. All essential accessories come in the package for installation and functioning of all the devices. 

Soul Sanctuary Bathing Bars
These hand crafted bathing bars are the complete natural chemical free goodness for your body and skin.
Rich in antioxidants, essential oils and nutrients. You will fall in love with these bathing bars.

Premium Royal Darjeeling Teas
Exceptional tea deserves an exceptional taste and flavor. That's why we created this beautiful pack you can relish and share your love for tea with friends and family members. We have selected four distinctly different teas that will appeal to tea lovers of all kinds.

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