"Sierra Brew’s Premium Darjeeling First Flush tea is sourced from the highest elevated tea plantations of Darjeeling, stretching up to 7,000 feet. Plucked in April, the first flush is also known as spring flush. The shoots mature in this season leaving behind excellent buds with either a single leaf or two leaves and a bud. Spring in Darjeeling is very dry and cool which ensures slow growth allowing for a prominent flavour. The leaves are hand plucked with utmost care to ensure the fine quality of the tea. A perfect brew has a flowery character giving a refreshing cup with a complex flavour and beautiful floral aroma. 100 gms"
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Darjeeling Green

₹ 875.00 ₹ 787.00
"Sierra Brew’s Darjeeling Green tea is an excellent green tea from the highest plantations in Darjeeling. Harvested tea leaves are heated by pan-firing or steaming, and dried to prevent oxidation which otherwise alters their fresh-picked flavour. The exquisite flavour is ensured through hand plucking only small and very fine twin leaves. The tea leaves are then gently rolled so that they do not break allowing each leaf to open up when brewed. The perfectly plucked and processed leaves are olive green and brews into a light smooth cup. The tea gives off a floral flavour with a sharp typical taste of non-fermented green tea and no hint of bitterness. You will swear by the delightful flavour of Sierra Brew’s Darjeeling Green tea in every sip! 250 gms"

Darjeeling Black

₹ 875.00 ₹ 787.00
"Plucked from the high atop plantations of Darjeeling, the Black tea has a smooth and full-bodied texture which makes for an easy sip. Each sip unfolds the complexity of flavours - ranging from flowery to fruity, nutty and spicy. 250 gms"

Apricot Walnut Face Scrub

₹ 739.00 ₹ 664.00
"Exfoliating becomes a breeze with this heavenly apricot walnut scrub. Remove dead skin cells and excess grime from the pores of the skin to make your skin feel new again. Acts as an effective blackhead/ whitehead remover. (100 gm.)"