"Sierra Brew’s Premium Darjeeling Sencha Green tea is produced from the highest quality green tea clones in high elevated peaks of Darjeeling. The polished green leaves are plucked from very fine shoots that have little tannin content, making them less bitter than the usual Darjeeling clones. The leaves are plucked young and tender to produce a smooth cup. It brews into bright green cup that is refreshing with a sweet vegetal flavour. Sencha Green tea has a deep crisp refreshing finish. The teas are different in appearance from the Darjeeling green teas as they are polished and flattened instead of being cut to a standard size. This also makes the tea smooth as it is comparatively less sorted, retaining a very large portion of the whole leaf. 100 gms"
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Simply Awesome
The Sierra Brew Sencha Green Tea is simply superb, I started using it and now cant stop using it. I just love it, it feels so lite and fresh. I suggest everyone should once use this.
From: Sangita | Date: 28/08/2018 11:39:03 AM
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Healthy and natural
Used this product for my weight management.
Much better than market green tea.
Amazing brewing process.
Have been using from Last few months
From: Shabana | Date: 19/11/2019 05:16:24 PM
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Awesome tea
The Sierra Brew sencha green tea is simply amazing. First i was little skeptical about using this product. But once i started using it...i dont want to stop now.

It's has helped me in my weight control.
It is so light and smooth unlike other green tea.
It is actually a great stress reliever.

Now after using Sierra Brew Sencha Green Tea i do not want to use any other brand green tea.

Simply Amazing.
From: B | Date: 19/11/2019 07:22:16 PM
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Quality Product
Its a great tea and the quality is also great. Makes you feel refreshing. Suggest everyone to use it.
From: Swapna | Date: 19/11/2019 08:07:30 PM
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Go Green
I love the taste it is not bitter like other Teas in the market. It helped me in loosing weight I use it 3 times a day.
From: Geeta | Date: 19/11/2019 08:34:38 PM
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Healthy and awesome tea
It's a high quality green tea and feel refreshing.
Suggest to use every one
From: Guest | Date: 19/11/2019 09:40:20 PM
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